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Fourchem is proudly “non-corporate” in our culture and decision making. We exist to supply world class quality raw materials to our chosen markets quickly and with a smile on our face. We work with the best companies and aim to supply the best possible products with no fuss – just how business should be done!


World class suppliers to back you up!

No matter how slick or professional your local supplier is, the principal agencies they represent are crucial to the quality and reliability of the product you are supplied. Fourchem prides itself in representing world leading manufacturers from Europe, India, Malaysia and the USA. We partner with innovative, quality driven manufacturers who can offer marketing, R&D and technical support services in very short lead times. We are not only driven by price, but quality and innovation are crucial to our decision making when choosing a global supply partner and this is what sets us apart in a world where “cheap and nasty” has become the norm.



Although we have a massive range of almost 1000 individual products, all of which can be found below, we feel we are  really strong on the below product categories through tried and tested supply chain sourcing and long standing relationships with the relevant global manufacturer. These are a good starting point to see where Fourchem can offer you great quality products at highly competitive prices, and stocked in a location close to you for fast delivery times.


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The world of innovative fragrances, flavours and top quality ingredients


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